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Morse Investigation Services offers a full range of Accident Reconstruction service.  These services are commonly used by Attorney’s to determine the validity of a claimants injuries and to present at trial for questioning of witnesses and to better illustrate to a jury the details necessary to determine a cash award.

The laws of physics and engineering principles. Accident reconstruction provides analysis that an expert witness can present during legal proceedings. Accident reconstructions are typically needed in cases involving fatalities, and often when there is a claim of personal injury. Product liability, Slip and Falls, Motorized Vehicle Accidents, and Crime Scenes are examples of when a reconstruction may be required.

Scene inspections and data recovery, by  our highly trained investigators, involve collecting evidence such as scene photographs, video, measurements of the scene, eyewitness testimony, and assisting in legal depositions.

Additional factors that are often included  include speed,  skid marks, use of proper signals, velocity, and much more are used in Vehicular Accident Reconstruction.

Creating models, both 2D and 3D are useful in testing theories of how a motor accident may have happened.  This is done by utilizing software simulations. Morse Investigation Services has the tools and the expertise to handle almost any project you may have.