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In todays ever evolving technologically advanced world privacy is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  With a few Amazon or Google searches you can obtain listening / tracking / video devices that can be placed without your knowledge or consent.  The Internet of Things (IoT) has our smart homes and devices monitoring everything we do and sharing that data with 3rd parties who are charged with safeguarding your information.  


Sadly, every day your information is vulnerable to exposure.  We can help!


We get many calls from concerned clients who believe they are potentially victims of eavesdropping, remote video monitoring, tracking, or hacked accounts.


Why would someone want to spend time and resources learning about you and your interaction?

Some of the possible answers are:

Jealous Ex

Child Custody

Corporate Espionage



If you have reason to believe that your concerns are founded and merit an investigation we can offer a variety of services and solutions custom designed for your needs.  These may include the following:

Bug Sweep – Audio, Video, GPS, Keylogger detection

Network Monitoring – on site and remote

Honey Pots – Trap identifying information about the person(s) invading your privacy

We can also work with you to remove your identity from the internet and databases to help you avoid being a victim again in the future.

We can detect and identify 99% of intrusive devices and methods and help ensure that your information going forward is secure and protected.  Our team of Investigators are highly trained and offer the latest in technology to detect, identify, and remove intrusive devices.  Stop the harassment now, regain control of your life, protect your privacy.


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