Information Sharing, Ethical Obligations, and Boundaries

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GPS Tracking – Legislation on way to Virginia Governor Part 1

This series of articles is designed to bring into focus the aftermath of US Vs. Jones and the rush to regulate Electronic Tracking of the American Citizen as well as Personal Property. The ultimate failure of Virginia’s HB 1981, and the unfortunate shortsightedness that will likely be followed by other States.

55 years in prison

By Jeff Sheler
The Virginian-Pilot


A 24-year-old Suffolk man faces up to 55 years in prison after pleading guilty to murder in the stabbing death of a 60-year-old woman in her home.

George Eure III pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and the charge of shoot, stab, cut or wound in the July 11 death of Amelia Lou Mustin.

Eure is scheduled to be sentenced May 10. Had the case gone to trial, Eure could have faced up to life in prison, Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Will Jamerson said.

In a plea agreement Friday, a third charge of abduction was set aside, Jamerson said.

Jamerson said facts stipulated in court indicated Mustin was stabbed at least 75 times with a knife from her kitchen. Police found her body after a neighbor who had gone to check on her reported the back door was unlocked.

Eure told investigators he and Mustin got into an argument and she came at him with a knife. Eure said he took the knife and turned it on her, Jamerson said.

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