Ever After… Happily

In this job, we rarely get “happily ever after”.  It is part of why so many investigators (even good ones) leave the field in their first year.  From one case to the next we may get wins and successes, but as it happens, those victories usually come on the heels of a broken marriage, an injured child, or a damaged business.  Calling it a necessary evil is of little relief, when we go home to our happy kids and families, or reflect on what others are missing out on.

So, when we get that special win, it’s hard not to shout it from the rooftops.  After a long wait, we had one of those.  It started last year. A man called, hoping we could help find his long lost son. This is one of our more common missing person requests. In this case, the last time they were together, the boy was sixteen. Between acrimonious custody disputes and accusations of abuse, their entire family dynamic was unhealthy and very complicated. As is wont to do, geography and life got in the way and they lost touch.   At one point in 2005, our client did manage to contact his son, but the circumstances just weren’t right for a reunion.

For more than a month, we tried to locate his son, with little success.  This happens, especially, when people move often, have a common name, stay with friends and family, or are in and out of the penal system. In spite of our best efforts, we were at an impasse. It was a big hit for us and our client. He felt he was nearing the end of his life and wanted to make things right before he passed. It’s not something any of us likes to admit, but we’re not miracle workers… all the time.

Last week, the client called back and asked if we could try again.  This time, we got different results!  The case investigator made contact with the son and discovered that he would be thrilled to talk to his dad.  So, father and son were reunited via phone.  We’re told that a face to face meet is coming soon.

While one investigator made it happen, it’s a win that we all share in.  It gives us all the hope and energy we need to go into the next case with that optimistic vibe. Hopefully, it will give you the hope to keep looking too.  Are you trying to reconnect with long lost loved ones? Do you have a missing family member who’s case has gone cold?  Give us a call.