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For Legal Professionals

Why you should consider hiring a qualified private investigator for your next case, and why you are throwing away money if you don’t!

 Regardless of your experience, well-honed skill set, or accomplished team that supports you in your legal practice, you will never be able to get to all of the work that comes across your desk as thoroughly as you would like.

Having a reliable and skilled investigator at your disposal will not only be able to help you focus your efforts, but will also help you broaden the range of cases that you can handle.

Just like attorneys not all investigators are created equal.  That is why at Morse Investigation Services we employ a large staff of experienced and diverse investigators; each offering a unique skill set for virtually any type of investigation.

Experience Is The Difference

Some of our best civil & criminal cases never see the polished wood of a courtroom.  Why?  

When the evidence collected by our team of experts reveals the facts of the case the opposing side succumbs to the overwhelming evidence. 

Our criminal defense work has a proven track record of raising the bar on reasonable doubt and assisting in mitigating the potential sentences of a conviction. 

Have you ever had that bad feeling about a jury?  

We have the ability to help determine through OSINT and HUMINT, the key social and economic factors of each potential juror, determining their potential bias’s resulting in a more favorable jury. 

Yes, there is a private investigator for that!   Morse Investigation Services offers a full range of services and can provide invaluable investigative resources and assistance. 

Of course, at the end of the day, you will need to make the best decision for your case.  Given the opportunity to demonstrate  how valuable and significant our services are, we are confident that you will wonder how you ever practiced law without us.