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Our highly trained and experienced Investigators will combine their unique skill sets and tireless commitment to finding the truth in order to bring you both comfort and satisfaction during this stressful time. We pride ourselves on having a compassionate team that uses resourceful and creative techniques to bring our clients the truth; succeeding even when warrants and subpoenas have failed.

RIchmond Private Investigator

If you need an experienced investigation team to assist you in a DivorceChild CustodyCriminal Defense Investigation or to Locate Your Lost Loved One? No matter is too big or too small.

CONTACT US us now to speak with one of our investigators or to obtain a free no-obligation case evaluation.

We realize that every person and case is different, and we will design a course of action for the specific needs of  your case.

All of our investigation services are completely confidential.

Whatever your needs, Morse Investigation Services is here to provide courteous, expedient and professional services of the highest caliber.

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Areas of Practice:

Litigation & Legal Support * Adopted Child Locate Investigation *  Locate Lost People  * Adultery or Infidelity Investigations * Loss and Theft Investigations * Background Checks (Online Dating) Cat Fishing *  Background Investigation Mergers and Acquisitions Investigation * Bankruptcy Due Diligence * Beneficiary Investigations * Missing Persons * Birth Parent Locate Investigation * Blacklisting and Blackballing Investigations *  Mortgage Fraud Investigations * Cellular Forensics *  Mystery and Secret Shopper * Cheating Husband Investigation * Cheating Spouse Investigation * Online Defamation Investigation * Cheating Wife Investigation * Child Abuse or Molestation * Online Social Networking Investigation * Child Custody and Visitation Investigations * Child Exploitation and Obscenity (Pornography) * Child Support Modification * Paternity Investigations * Cohabitation Investigation * Personal Injury *  Cold Case Investigations * Competitive Business Intelligence * Computer Forensics Investigation * Corporate Slander Investigation * Counterfeiting Crime  * Counter-Surveillance * Pre-Employment Screening * Covert Surveillance * Probate Investigation * Criminal Background Checks and Search * Process Service * Criminal Defense Investigations * Criminal Investigation * Cyber Sabotage Investigations * Real Estate  * Fraud Investigations * Runaway and Missing Children * Divorce Investigation * Sects Occult or Cults Investigations  * Domestic Investigations (All Types) * Sexual Harassment Claims * Domestic Violence * Drug Testing * Slander and Defamation of Character Investigations * Due Diligence Investigation (General) * Spousal Maintenance or Alimony Modification * Eavesdropping Detection * Stalking and Harassment Investigations * eDiscovery * Sting Operations * Elder Abuse Investigations * Electronic Discovery Services * Stolen Property Investigations * Email Tracking and SMS Tracing * Embezzlement Investigation * Employee Theft Investigation * Espionage Investigations * Technical Surveillance Countermeasures * Expert Witness Testimony * Tenant Screening * Undercover and Covert Investigations * Gay Spouse Investigation * Hidden Assets Investigation * Unsolved Criminal Investigations * Homicide and Murder Investigation * Vendor Screening Investigations * Human Trafficking * Identity Theft * Inheritance Investigation * White Collar Crime * Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement * Witness Locates and Interviewing Witness Statements  * Internet Cyber Bullying * Internet Defamation and Slander Investigations * Workplace Conditions Investigations * Workplace Investigation Interview * Juror Vetting (Jury Selection) * Workplace Violence Investigation * Wrongful Death Investigations * Wrongful Imprisonment Investigation


To better serve you we have offices located throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia:

Richmond Virginia, Roanoke Virginia, Norfolk Virginia, Hampton Virginia, Sandston Virginia, Petersburg Virginia, Fairfax Virginia, Herndon Virginia, Charlottesville Virginia, Blacksburg Virginia, Chesapeake Virginia, Lexington Virginia, Roanoke Virginia, Tyson’s Corner, Chesterfield Virginia, and Many more