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Internal Theft / Shrinkage

It is no secret that internal theft can mean the loss of countless dollars to any company.  The hidden cost of internal theft is poor employee morale. Many employees either suspect a problem exists or stand by quietly and watch internal wrongdoing.  They believe no one in management cares or can do anything about it. Internal theft can mean anything from intellectual property to company supplies and products.

Most companies operate far too lean these days to employ full time internal investigators. Businesses also wrongly believe that the cost of contracting these services will be cost prohibitive. In fact, ignoring internal theft is a cost you will be paying for a long time to come.  Outsourcing these types of investigations  on an as-needed basis has many benefits.

You can be assured that any investigator you hire through our agency is fully qualified to do the job. Workplace investigations can be very complex and they can open your company to liability if handled inappropriately.  An investigator with in depth knowledge and experience can get to the source of the problem quickly and efficiently, saving your company from employee downtime.  Trained investigators can often spot systemic weaknesses quickly, and thus begin their inquiry in the most productive areas.

Morse Investigation Services brings credibility to the process which many employees will truly appreciate. These investigations often involve many witness interviews in order to identify the scheme and support findings with hard evidence.  An outsider often can ask the tough questions without any hint of bias. Employees realize that the investigator has no real stake in the outcome so they tend to trust an outsider with these types of internal problems.  Employees also realize that when the investigation is over, confidential information entrusted to this third party will more than likely remain confidential.  This is important for your workforce so that they can get back to the normal rhyme of life in the company.

Whether the outcome is to exonerate the accused, terminate an employee or pursue further legal action through the civil or criminal courts, the investigator is a vital link in this process. The well organized and detailed report that is presented at the close of each investigation is the blueprint for your path forward.  It is at the end of an investigation when a full debriefing with the investigator can assist management in developing strategies to deter future problems, tighten up procedures and improve internal tracking. This information will also assist auditors in their quest for an accurate economic profile of your company.