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Your Criminal Defense

Morse Investigation Services can serve an essential role in your criminal defense investigation. In most cases, our goal is to find witnesses and evidence that will establish reasonable doubt. This will aid in the essential task of showing the jury that there is reason to believe that, you, the defendant, are not actually responsible for committing the crime.

During the course of the criminal defense investigation, we will go through routine reports from police, everyday paperwork, copies of evidence, photographs, phone messages and witness statements that relate to your case. Our goal is to determine whether or not there are any inconsistencies from one witness to the next. This information will help determine how these inconsistencies might reinforce your defense.

We can also assist in selecting a Jury. Just prior to trial the Courts releases a list of eligible Jurors for your trial. We can use that list of names to gather pertinent information on the jurors. Information collected would include age, race, children, income level, and other essential information that may secretly bias a Jury member against your case. Also known as Voir Dire.

The District Attorney has the resources of dozens of detectives and almost endless funds to prosecute a case.

You need a qualified and experienced team on your side to help provide reasonable doubt  Contact us now!

How can you build an effective criminal defense strategy?

Find a Good Attorney

Your life and liberty are at stake. A good attorney will work to understand your needs during this time and also allow you to assess the likelihood of conviction. If you are working with a seasoned defense veteran in your jurisdiction, they likely have a history of interactions with the prosecutor, and know what to expect. A good attorney will try to glean from the prosecutor the initial disposition toward the case without disclosing any sensitive details or confidential information. They can also use this as an early opportunity to discuss arrangements for the exchange of discovery.

Let Morse Investigation Services Investigate the case:

The police will not focus on finding exculpatory evidence for you or your case. You need to do your own homework. If you have the resources, Morse Investigation Services provides tremendous help in this process.  We have many retired law enforcement on our staff from all agencies and departments.

Note All Constitutional and Statutory Issues

Once your attorney has a sufficient grasp of the facts and a solid overview of the case, they can create a list of all of the legal issues encountered.  We also have the resources to potentially catch anything the attorney may miss.

Frame the Facts

A jury trial is akin to competitive storytelling. The side that presents the more believable story usually wins. On the basis of the evidence, your attorney may create or adopt a theme or theory that provides an alternative way of viewing the facts than those provided by the prosecution. With our credibility on the stand we can give your case the power and backbone needed to prevent a wrongful conviction.