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Virginia Divorce

Making the decision to divorce will have a life changing impact on all involved.

It is important to be certain that a divorce is warranted.  As a concerned spouse you may become anxious as your suspicions of infidelity increase. You will want to solidify your hunches or thoughts with concrete evidence such as photographs, videotapes, names, and addresses – information to help you with the difficult choices that may be ahead.  With Morse Investigation Services you can count on our professional private investigators to deliver effective and reliable evidence and testimony in your court case.

There are two types of Divorce in Virginia –

No Fault:

  • – Living separate and apart without any cohabitation and without interruption for one year with children.
  • – Living separately and apart without cohabitation and without interruption for six months without children.

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  • – For adultery or sodomy.
  • – Imprisonment for more than one year.
  • – Where either party has been guilty of cruelty.
  • – Willfully deserted or abandoned the other.

Morse Investigation Services specialize in Divorce and Child Custody Cases throughout Virginia.  Our highly trained and experienced staff will use advanced surveillance techniques as well as  other effective methods including analyzing cell phone, bank, and credit card records in detecting and proving infidelity.

Other considerations: Are there hidden bank accounts or credit cards? Is there a second home or apartment? Is he/she secretly building a nest egg in preparation for divorce? If there is in fact a significant other, is he/she single, married, separated, or divorced?

Answers to these questions may help to determine the course of either reconciliation or divorce.

Subsequent to divorce, Morse Investigation Services can help determine whether the ex-spouse is discreetly cohabiting with another partner while our client is paying alimony also known as analogous to marriage.  The question of whether the children are in the care and child custody of the best provider is another consideration. Many parents want background information on an ex-spouse’s new boyfriend or girlfriend – an unknown adult to whom the children are now exposed. Documenting the new lifestyle of an ex-spouse may also be relevant in custody issues.

We will discuss these issues and your options with you at no charge during the initial consult. It is paramount during this time of emotional distress to focus on the task at hand: obtaining irrefutable evidence so that you can make informed decisions about the rest of your life.

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