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If you type Skip Trace into a Google Search you will see hundreds of location services that offer instant results.  Beware that these sites only search based on the information you provide on data that is sometimes years old.  There is no scanning of social media sites, looking at friends, relatives, previous work history, or even a fresh search through the courts records.

We have an experienced staff that will provide you with a detailed location that is guaranteed to be a good location within the last 30 days.    This service is typically used by Lawyer’s, Debt Collectors, and Repo Companies.  Another use is to locate a lost loved one or someone who you have lost touch with over the years.  Please note that we do not provide service to everyone who calls.  We have an obligation to protect the identities of someone that does not want to be found if they are in fear for their safety.

We offer a full range of Skip Tracing services for both consumer and commercial purposes.  Skip Traces are typically turned around in 24 to 48 hours Rush Service is also available for Same Day turn around.  Volume discounts are also available along with a “No Hit No Pay” policy.

What Is a Skip Trace?

Skip tracers are often licensed private detectives that offer their services for a fee to a creditor or to another person who wants to locate someone. By using public records and other documentation, the skip tracer generates new leads and eventually locates the missing individual. Not all subjects of a skip trace deliberately disappear. Attorneys handling estates hire skip tracers to find missing heirs, and adopted children may hire a skip tracer to locate a birth parent.

An individual may research legal means of information in an attempt to locate a missing person but a private investigator is more knowledgeable in surveillance techniques and may network with other investigators to locate a missing person.

Skip Trace and Collections

Morse Investigation Services provides additional resources in order to locate a subject for the purposes of bad debt collection or to perfect a judgement.  This service is offered to include all of the United States.  We are able to locate subjects and provide Phone, Email, Physical Address, Physical Assets, Bank Accounts, and more.  In most cases we offer a no hit no cost guarantee.  Contact us to discuss in detail your specific needs.  Volume discounts available.  We also purchase perfected bad debt.


When you’re trying to find a missing person on your own, leave no stone unturned. Visit the public library for back issues of phonebooks and use reverse phonebooks to find old street addresses. Look through public voter registration records at the courthouse. Utilize the power of the Internet for a variety of skip tracing resources. Spies Online, a resource for private investigators and citizens, offers links to free searches and maintains a database of licensed investigators for hire.


When searching for a missing person, you must obey the law. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires communities to make some records public, including criminal records but the Financial Modernization Act of 1999 prohibit you from calling an individual using a pretext to obtain personal information. You may not misrepresent yourself as a utility, a lender, a creditor, a medical professional or any other professional entity in order to trick the person into giving you private financial information or a Social Security number.


Skip tracing has the potential of tracking down deadbeat parents, missing witnesses, long-lost loved ones and those who skip out on their debts. With the Internet, a private individual can make use of free searches and specialized searches for a fee but the time-honored methods of dumpster-diving for discarded information and visiting a country courthouse are still valuable in locating missing individuals.

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