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Morse Investigation Services and the Asset Recovery Process

  Morse Investigation Services has located countless hidden assets for its clients over the years.  We have successfully located everything from a stolen wedding ring to 60 foot dump trailers, as well as hidden assets from personal savings accounts to multi millon dollar off shore accounts.  We have the experience to assist you in recovering or even protecting your assets from being compromised. Morse Investigation Services provides technical expertise in asset recovery. We retain a group of forensic accountants to track and identify elusive assets hidden in hard-to-access places. Our Forensic Accountants navigate a maze of intricate financial transactions to uncover how assets may have been converted into other forms of collateral. This task entails locating such items as public records, registry databases, land titles, court and criminal records, and even scouring registries of seemingly benign financial entities like non-profits. The advantage of hiring a private investigation firm like Morse Investigation Services is our ability to closely target sources of hidden assets. We frequently use undercover tactics to detect contact points, surreptitious hand-offs, and other stealth maneuvers in the world of corporate crime. As recovery experts, Morse Investigation Services takes seriously its legal obligations to conduct asset recovery operations, while remaining within the boundaries of laws governing asset recovery procedures. At the same time, Morse Investigation Services recovery experts will boldly pursue asset recovery, applying industry best practices. Before Morse Investigation Services begins the asset recovery investigation, our recovery experts will interview you to understand your unique situation and the assets that are involved. Whether money is owed to you, a court-issued judgment needs enforcement, or you are being conned by a corporate defrauder, we will assist you in tracking down the perpetrator. Using our considerable resources and inter-agency contacts in allied law enforcement fields, we will first consult with you on the possibility of a successful asset recovery. We will also keep you informed on how the investigation is proceeding through our state of the art Secure Case Management System. As the investigation reveals the actual assets that are threatened or the location of your hidden assets, we will be forthcoming as to updates in your case, and the obstacles impeding the investigation as they happen. Maintaining on-going contact with you as to the status of your case and the facts the we have uncovered and what remains to be done will provide you with real peace of mind throughout your investigation. If we determine we can only make a partial recovery, we will let you know immediately. We want you to retain control on how much expense you incur, and if the benefits of proceeding outweigh the expense of further investigation and recovery of your assets. Morse Investigation Services recovery experts are private investigators with professional credentials and decades of combined experience. They will move quickly on your case because the more time that elapses between discovery of the crime and our apprehension of the perpetrator, the more opportunities they will have to secret your assets in obscure places, using third-party abettors to further obstruct the investigation. If and when our asset recovery investigation determines assets can be located, Morse Investigation Services recovery experts will work with your legal staff to freeze the assets or physically seizing the property, protecting you from further damage.