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Asset Search

Morse Investigation Services Uncovers Hard-to-Find Assets

At Morse Investigation Services, we retain a highly-qualified staff of investigators, whose breadth of knowledge makes our agency a well-regarded company in the field of private investigation. We employee investigators steeped in the most advanced investigative techniques. We are innovative in developing new approaches with all of our services with asset searches being no exception.

Our asset search is a broad-based effort.

Morse Investigation Services asset searches provides information for many kinds of client needs, especially criminal- or civil-court actions. We will aid the court in post-judgment enforcement and recovery. With a court-issued summons, Morse Investigation Services will locate hidden assets in the U.S., or follow the paper or electronic trail to off-shore accounts. We will also search for assets of personal and land property; personal and business bank accounts (including safety deposit boxes, shares of stock, treasury bonds, and mutual funds).

Morse Investigation Services conducts asset searches on spouses and immediate family for fraudulent transfer activity. We will follow any paper or electronic trail with the information provided by you to uncover these accounts. These potential sources of hidden assets are only some of what Morse Investigation Services looks into during the investigation phase of asset search.

We access personal, business, and hard-to-find accounts.

To begin an asset search, we asks for basic information on the subject of the asset search, such as a complete name, social security or employer identification number. After we gather the subject’s basic information, we look into their work and life habits and personal and business relationships. We learn about possible current and past business entities of theirs, such as general partnerships.

We probe public and hidden sources of information.

In addition to these potential sources of assets, Morse Investigation Services will dig deep into other hard-to-find asset sources, for example, certain databases and trade reports that banks use to glean asset information through data-reporting centers. These reports can disclose information such as a subject’s account history reaching as far back as 25 years. As private investigators, Morse Investigation Services will legally use these obscure sources under the compliance rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

We work through inter-agency channels.

Morse Investigation Services employs investigators with in-depth knowledge and broad experience in asset search. Many of our investigators specialize in a particular area of investigation, and asset search is just one of many specialty services that we offer.

Morse’s investigators partners with a network of associated agencies and work with various skilled data agents. We also can access information culled from across a broad network of police agencies and the insurance industry, and apply inventive approaches to discovering new sources of hidden assets.

Oftentimes, data reports secured by Morse Investigation Services are disorganized and hard to fathom. That is where Morse Investigation Services skilled investigators really shine.  With a deep analysis, and an experienced gut instinct, our investigators are able to piece together the shreds of scattered information and get results that other less skilled investigators are capable of.