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How to WIN Child Custody

This particular subject is close to our hearts and Morse Investigation Services can help you through this trying time. We have an extensive background with the Virginia Juvenile Court System. We have worked with many Guardians Ad Litem, CASA workers, and Judges to see what is really going on when a subject of our investigation thinks no one is looking. We can help put an end to the pointing of fingers and crosstalk that drives the courts crazy. We understand the rules of evidence and what is needed to demonstrate to the courts what has been happening and how the child will benefit from a change in custody.

Follow These Basic Steps to Win In a Child Custody Dispute:

  • Choose the right Attorney
  • Choose the right Private Investigator
  • Document EVERYTHING
  • NEVER discuss what is going on with your child directly
  • When possible, encourage your child to have a relationship with the other parent
  • Be involved in your child’s education and after-school activities
  • Pay your child support on time
  • Never lose your temper with the other parent (kill them with kindness)
  • Take pictures of bruises, inappropriate clothing, or other oddities
  • Make sure that your child is getting appropriate counseling

No child should be subject to abuse, neglect, or abandonment

Please note that we do not accept every child custody case. All too often children are used as pawns or leverage in a divorce battle or even as a way to avoid paying child support. We are only concerned with the child’s best interest. If your top priority is not your child’s best interest then please do not waste our time or yours. We service all of Virginia’s court systems.

We pride ourselves in the being the top authority in Virginia Child Custody Cases!