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Most retail establishments take a physical inventory annually, while some do it semiannually. When the count is completed, the difference
between the actual inventory on hand and what it should be according to purchase and sales records is called shrinkage. The causes of shrinkage are recognized as employee theft, shoplifting, and paperwork error. Other reasons for business losses, such as robbery, burglary, and vandalism, are separate

problems. Shoplifting and internal theft are actually untold numbers of separate incidents of larceny adding up to billions of dollars of losses which are not listed in crime reports, except for the relatively few cases where arrests are made.

We have an extensive background in electronic security and closed circuit cameras. We also have the ability to monitor the email activity of employees on work computers. We also work with a polygraph expert that can administer lie detector testing if needed. We offer a free initial consultation and will discuss your needs and devise a game plan to eliminate your employee theft.