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Background Checks

Although background checks are commonly associated with employment, there are many other reasons why a background check may be necessary or helpful.  In most cases you only need the first and last name of the person in question. However, a social security number may help to produce a more detailed result and/or comprehensive check for fraud, but it is not needed in most cases.


Some of the more common reasons for a Background Check might be needed.


Virginia Background Check

Dating is area where a background check makes good sense.  As on-line dating is now the norm, background checks provide an added feeling of security before a relationship shifts into a more serious and substantial commitment. Uncovering criminal background, or other unknown legal or ethical problems, can verify the credibility of a potential partner, let alone exposing someone that is catfishing.  For certain, background information will provide you with a more aware approach to dating life, before a date or possibly before marriage is discussed.


Child Custody

Where children are involved a background check is a smart step toward protection.  A background check can serve as an important asset in easing your mind as a parent and enhancing your awareness of those who associate with your children, or who may pose a risk.  Anyone who works with children, or is expected to spend time around children, such as a babysitter or nanny, is an excellent candidate for a background check. Others may include neighbors, faith and community members, friends’ parents or paramours, etc.  The availability of a quick and easy background check provides parents with a great way to do all they can to support the safety of their children.



One of the most common uses of a background check is for hiring new employees.  Background checks have become a common procedure in the pre-employment process. Background checks allow employers to inquire into the history of potential employees prior to making the decision to hire. Employers have the duty to ensure the safety and well-being of their company and their shareholders.  A background check is a quick and inexpensive tool for an employer to safeguard themselves and make an informed decision in screening and selecting their best candidates.

Regardless of the reason you may want to perform a background check, it is a good idea to take advantage of this quick, easy and inexpensive way to shed light on otherwise hidden secrets.

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