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Criminal Background Check – Pre Employment Screening

Type “background investigation” into Google and you’re sure to be bombarded with claims of “Only $19.99 for a complete background check!” or “$14.95 for instant background investigations!” Buyers beware…these bargain sites generally just pull together information from various online sources.  These online companies do not offer comprehensive searches and even miss many online public records.(This doesn’t even count states like Virginia that do not uniformly report records)

Whatever information is provided in the “online investigation”  it is certainly filled with inaccuracies and irrelevant details.

Internal thefts

We offer a full range of background checks  and pre employment checks that can include hand searched court records:

    • Employment Historybackground check
    • Criminal History
    • Residential History
    • Pre Marital Backgrounds
    • Nanny Checks
    • Driving History
    • Sex Offender Check
    • Plus Many More
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