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There was a time in our lives when we could go down to our local police department and report an incident of fraud. The police would actually investigate the crime, apprehend the perpetrator and refer the case to the district attorney for prosecution. That scenario has probably not occurred in over twenty years in most jurisdictions in the United States.


Why? Because fraud is so prevalent, the schemes are so complex, or they involve multiple jurisdictions and numerous witnesses. Local law enforcement do not have the resources or even the experience to handle these cases. So, they have stopped investigating and have forced victims to use the courts for Civil Remedies.  The public has yet to fully comprehend the fact that law enforcement no longer uses their resources to combat this civil and often criminal epidemic.


This situation begs the question: who are you going to call?

Morse Investigation Services has come to the rescue countless times. We have dealt with situations ranging from the grandmother who lost her savings to an internet schemer to helping countless investors who initially received some “profit” from their “investment” with a con artist’s ponzi scheme.


We have only to look as far as Bernie Madoff to see the extent that thieves will go to in order to appear legitimate. Fraud investigations are challenging on many levels.  They require the training and experience that the Staff at Morse Investigation Services can provide.

There is really no choice as to whether to utilize law enforcement or private investigators any more. The end result depends on selecting the right firm.  The complexities of fraud investigation are difficult to teach.  It is imperative that when selecting a firm, you look at the depth of experience within its investigative staff.


Morse Investigation Services qualified and experienced investigators, who specialize in fraud, attend continuing education classes in order to keep abreast of the latest trends and schemes. The schemes once employed by con artists in the pre-internet days seem childlike in comparison to those now being replicated online. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) is one such organization that strives to promote professionalism among private fraud investigators.


The financial losses from fraud are staggering and over time they affect the bottom line of every American’s budget in one way or another. Efforts to curb fraud should not be abandoned just because public entities are no longer capable of devoting resources to stopping it; firms like Morse Investigation Services are a viable option in many cases.