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Morse Investigation Services, LLC provides valuable services at no charge to anyone who is missing, exploited, murdered, or other act that at our sole discretion warrants service when the victims family has no resources to pay for their investigation.   We select several cases per year to donate our time and expertise to.  If you have a case that you are in need of help with please send a request through our contact us page.

We are inundated with new request every week and are limited as to how many cases we can do at no charge.  With your help we can take on more cases per year, bringing more families the true peace of mind that they deserve.  Please consider a donation to our Victims Assistance Fund.  All proceeds from this fund will go towards hard investigation expenses and rewards.

Every second of every day someone goes missing in America.  This is an alarming statistic.  Compared to other statistics like a home break in that occurs every 14 seconds, or even someone dying in a car accident every 13 minutes.

Many of these cases remain unsolved to this day.  This is a tragedy that deeply affects so many family members and friends.  During this time the families rely on leads from the public, help from over worked police, and media that will jump on to the next news story.  Over time the interest fades and these cases move on to become cold case files.

No closure is available to the families.  As an Investigator I have been involved with cases that are nearly 30 years in the making and the families are still struggling everyday to find peace of mind and closure.  It is our goal at Morse Investigation Services, LLC. to help find closure.  Through our website, media relations, and our corporate sponsors we are able to give the families of these victims a voice.

We will rework a case over and over to help bring closure to these families.  It takes a huge amount of resources to investigate cases like these.  There are hard investigation expenses, labor, rewards, advertising, etc. that often cost thousands of dollars.  Money that the families often just don’t have. Please consider offering your help, or financial support to this cause.

John Morse, Jr.