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Morse Investigation Services is dedicated to finding closure for families of victims of serious crimes. We use cutting edge technology, superior investigation skills, and plain old hard work to bring peace of mind to those effected by tragic crimes. We have had great success even in cases that law enforcement has given up on. We have the media contacts to draw public attention, we can assist in fund-raising, as well as work with police agencies to help bring your case to an end. Visit our news section for some of the more recent cases we have broken, solved, or have had a major impact on. Here are some cases that we are currently working on: Colonial Parkway Murders Ettrick Supermarket Attempted Murder and Robbery Joseph Maurice Waller If you are interested in donating your time to any of our causes please contact us. If you have any information on any of these crimes or know of a worthy unsolved crime please call our office at 804-326-9669.