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Today’s moral and ethical climate is very different from that of just a generation of voters before. When added to the speed at which a piece of information can be shared around the world, the need for a candidate or campaign to invest in professional research is quite clear.


Political ScandalAt Morse Investigation Services, we are on a mission to provide those in the political field with a higher standard in opposition research; a higher standard of knowledge and a deeper depth of information. Opposition research has become a necessity in nearly all levels of politics. The investigators at Morse Investigation Services will find the information about the opposition candidate and their campaign. We can give you a considerable edge.

However, this is but one edge on the sword of political information.


Candidates also need a professional look into their own past so their campaigns can prepare for anything that might be taken out of context and weaponized by their opposition. The investigators at Morse Investigation Services are highly trained and uniquely suited to find that information.

We understand that some candidates don’t like the feeling of intrusion by their own campaigns and don’t always fully appreciate the initial cost. However, when compared to the cost of attorneys, television commercials, and a career of “that one thing” that won’t go away, a professional investigation into your candidacy becomes a very cost-effective investment.

No matter your need, Morse Investigation Services will give you a discreet, comprehensive review. We offer several levels of political investigation, so give us a call to discuss your campaign information goals.