Tonya Farnsworth – Additional Victims asked to come forward

Richmond Times-Dispatch

A 33-year-old Henrico woman with multiple aliases has been arrested in Florida and returned to Hanover County where she faces two counts of extortion, charges of failing to appear in Henrico and Chesterfield courts and six charges of violating probation in prior convictions.

Tonya M. Farnsworth of the 4000 block of West End Drive in Henrico was arraigned this morning in Hanover General District Court and ordered held without bond pending a hearing Aug. 28. She was transported to Virginia by Hanover detectives Tuesday after a lengthy investigation into allegations that she extorted as much as $100,000 from an unnamed Hanover resident.

She appeared briefly before Hanover General District Judge Thomas Jones by video from the Pamunkey Regional Jail.

Search warrants filed in Hanover allege that an elaborate extortion scheme began Dec. 22 when a Hanover resident responded to a dating ad from a woman who identified herself as Tiffany. After paying her $200 for oral sex, the victim received multiple text messages from Tiffany accusing him of taking money from the West End Drive address.

“Tiffany demanded the victim pay her money or she would exploit him with pictures of the encounter,” according to the search warrant.

From January through late March, the victim left money almost daily at the West End Drive residence, totaling “in excess of $100,000,” according to court documents.

The victim, who was not identified in court records, worked with police to obtain recorded statements about the alleged extortion.

Farnsworth, who also uses the surnames Quevillon and Purington, is wanted in Henrico on a prostitution charge in an Chesterfield for a drug charge. She is originally from Amelia County, according to associates.

Everyone who has came into contact with this person has fallen victim in some way.  Many are afraid to come forward, while others are frustrated with a justice system that has allowed someone of such ill repute to continue to roam the streets.  Farnsworth could have been stopped nearly a decade ago, however the powers to be had little or no interest.

There is renewed hope that this time she will be fully prosecuted.  However to ensure that she is exposed as nothing more than a con and gets whatever time out justice system sees fit, Henrico County is asking any victims of Farnsworth to come forward.  Even if you have previously taken your case to another authority, Hanover believes that now that the ball is rolling other jurisdictions will be willing to jump on the bandwagon.  Hanover has pledged to assist in making the proper connections in your jurisdiction.

Hanover County authorities has asked to have their direct contact information removed from this article.  There is still a commitment to help connect victims with the proper authorities.  The recommended course of action is to contact your local authorities again and let them know about the current investigation in Hanover County Virginia and have them contact the Detective in charge of this case.  You may also send your information through this site and we will ensure that the connections are made to help you be heard.